Living in UDRC

Living in UDRC

Defensible Space

FireFree – protect your own: Wildfire is a fact of life in Central Oregon. Preparing your home for the threat of wildfire is your responsibility. The Firefree brochure is a tool in protecting your home from being destroyed or damaged by wildfire –

Defensible Space: a 30-100 foot fire-resistant zone surrounding your home. This is the area around your home where potential fuels have been reduced to slow the spread of wildfire to your home, significantly decreasing the likelihood that it will ignite.

  • Fuels – flammable materials and vegetation
  • Ladder Fuels – fuels which create a direct path for fire to reach your home or spread into trees.
  • Fire-resistant plants – plants that do not readily ignite from a flame or other ignition source.

UDRC Fuels Reduction Programs