Grants Archive

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Planning grant $100,000

  • 2005 funds allowed the UDRC to operate to mid-2009.

National Forest Foundation (NFF) Watershed grant $10,994

  • 2008 funds allowed for fund raising, supplies, signs, supplies, etc.

Oregon Water Enhancement Board (OWEB) $11,722

  • 2008 funds to create UDRC brochure and conduct a major stakeholder conference on the Upper Deschutes River.

National Fire Prevention Fuels Reduction Grant $145,000

  • 2006 to 2009 funds used to reduce hazardous fuels on private property in the Coalition’s service area.

Western States Fuels Grant $194,000

  • 2006 to 2009 funds used to reduce hazardous fuels on private property in the Coalition’s service area.

Project Wildfire grants no. 1 and 2 $9,089

  • Two grants used for educational brochures, FireWise signs, the E Newsletter and fund raising programs.

Deschutes County Educational Grants $3,000

  • 2009-2010 grant funds used to create a new web site plus educational display boards and a new UDRC brochure.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife & the Mitigation and Enhancement Committee funded by the Irrigation District $5,000

  • Funds used to create a new Deschutes River Stewardship Guide to educate river front land owners on how to protect river banks, restore river banks and how to get permits and resources. The guide will be complete in early 2011.

National Forest Foundation Grant $10,000

  • The 2009 grant funded two projects that were completed in 2010:
  1. Tumbull Fish Habitat Restoration project costing $5,000 in NFF grant funds added 250 dead down tress into the river banks north of Sunriver Resort. An additional $1,600 was donated from the Sunriver Anglers Club and the Central Oregon Flyfishers Club,
    plus two individual donations.
  2. Benham Falls Trail Restoration costing $5,000 in NFF funds that closed two roads leading to the Upper Deschutes River to prevent vehicles from damaging the river banks and improvements to a section of the Benham Falls trail.

Deschutes County Fuels Treatment Grant $100,000

  • A two-year grant to pickup woody material that the owners of private property in the Coalition’s service area moved to the road side. In the fall of 2010, contractors picked up material in several neighborhoods using $13,572 in grant funds. Phase two
    will start in late spring early summer of 2011.

National Forest Foundation – Todd Lake Campground Restoration $10,000

  • Todd Lake is a beautiful area and maintaining the picturesque views are a top priority. In order to protect the riparian zone and retain the pristine feel, a new fence was installed. Signs to keep people out will be approximately 18” high and will be
    4” wide brown carsonite, simply stating “Area Closed for Restoration”. This will provide a barrier to encourage people to stay out, yet still offer the scenic vistas; first it is to protect the riparian area at the outlet of Todd Lake, the second
    is to provide better services for visitors.