Who We Are

Who is UDRC?

The Upper Deschutes River Coalition was created in 2003 to enable communities along the Upper Deschutes River to work together to resolve natural resource issues in this sensitive, fire-prone area. With 29 individual neighborhoods dispersed among four rivers and a rich forestland, the Coalition provides one collective voice to accomplish more than one neighborhood could achieve alone. In 2019, the organization was renamed “Upper Deschutes River Communities”.

The UDRC area is located between Sunriver and La Pine, Oregon adjacent to US Forest Service and BLM public lands. The total area is 513 square miles (69,000 acres including 57,200 USFS and BLM and 12,000 private lands) rich with ponderosa & lodgepole forests, meandering rivers and diverse wildlife. In 2013 there were 6,395 lots in the planning area – 1⁄2 to 40 acres in size. Dispersed among those lots are 3,152 structures with a resident population of 7,880. Approximately half of the private lots are vacant, with no structures.

Fall River Estates, Caldera Springs, Crosswater, River Meadows, Spring River, OWW 1, and Wild River are nationally recognized as Firewise communities. Through grant funding, the UDRC has invested over $612,000 in hazardous fuel reduction on 600 private properties (300 total acres) and in community outreach and education. The 2018 Upper Deschutes River Community Wildfire Protection Plan documents priorities for hazardous fuels treatments on public and private lands.

The UDRC collaborates with partners including US Forest Service – Bend Fort Rock District, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, Deschutes County, Project Wildfire, Deschutes River Conservancy, Sunriver Anglers, Upper Deschutes River Watershed Council, La Pine Fire District, Natural Resources Conservation Service and the National Forest Foundation.