February 1, 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

Jim Larsen, President
Dean Richardson, Vice President
Glenna Larsen, Treasurer
Les Adam, Board Member
Helen Marston, Board Member
Laura Miller, Volunteer Assessor of UDRC
Todd, Peplin, Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District
Mike Supkis, Guest
Dave Frank, Guest 
Brian Montgomery, Guest 

Jim Larsen called meeting to order at 2:10pm 

Agenda Items

Election of officers:

Jim Larsen, Dean Richardson, and Glenna Larsen were reelected to their current positions. 
Jim Larsen nominated Helen Marston to be Secretary of UDRC. Motion was seconded and passed. 
Helen Marston nominated Laura Miller to be board member. Motion was seconded and passed. 
Helen Marston nominated Dave Frank to be board member. Motion was seconded and passed. 

2023 Review of goals and accomplishments:

Defensible Space Reimbursement Program
54 reimbursements to UDRC communities
46 reimbursements to La Pine Area communities
10% more applications than 2022

Low-Income Senior Defensible Space Program
15 projects completed
2024 Income Limits increased

Home Hardening Pilot Program
8 projects completed
Homeowners reimbursed $3138 

2024 plans: Programs, grants, skills and resources needed:

  1. Current 2024 budget projects a $13K shortfall for Reimbursement Program from 2023 Budget.
  2. Reapply for a one-year grant from BNSF in August. 
  3. Dean suggested to include Home Hardening to Reimbursement Program,
  4. Jim: Assessment Training with State Fire Marshal for community-based volunteer assessors. 
  5. Glenna: Building partnerships and providing services for Firewise communities. 
  6. Todd: Invited the UDRC to one of two Meetings at East Library on Feb 6thand Feb 14th 2024 to explore the possibilities of working partnership with SWCD.
  7. The motion to explore partnership opportunities was seconded and passed. 
  8. Mike Supkis made the case for the UDRC to return to an earlier form of organization with “community representatives”. 
  9. General discussions about need for more “human resources” with specific skills and the need for cross-training. 
  10. Agreement to have 1-2 “Working Sessions” on Budgets and Strategic plan. 
  11. General Discussion about Public Meetings. Dave Frank offered the River Meadows Meadow House as a venue as needed until the Sunriver Library is available. Dean Richardson volunteered to be spokesperson at Public Meetings 
  12. Dave Frank requested our Community Contact List so he could start outreach to the formal communities in the Fire District (HOA’s, Road Districts, and Firewise Communities).

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm

Helen Marston, UDRC Secretary