Harper Bridge parking improvements

On March 13, a majority of the Board of Commissioners voted to give Road Department staff approval to move forward with implementing parking improvements on Spring River Road.

The project will involve widening the road to create more space so that cars can safely park without occupying the adjacent travel lanes. It will also provide an additional buffer for pedestrians by placing a bike lane in between parking spaces and travel lanes. We expect construction to begin in May and be finished in early July.

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One thought on “Harper Bridge parking improvements

  1. Really ugly, Green bike lane No Parking signs all down the side of the road ? Back when schools still gave grades who ever approved this plan would have got a Big ( F ). The River is supposed be natural looking spot this looks like downtown Portland. I suspect a city planner that moved here was behind this plan not someone who has lived here.
    But all the tourists will feel at home at Harpers Bridge.

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