UDRC July 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Dean Richardson introduced guest speakers Alison Green, Central Oregon Wildland Fire Cohesive Strategy Coordinator and Jodie Barram, Deschutes County Project Wildfire Program Director.

The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy was established by the FLAME act in 2009 to provide a framework for public, private and non-governmental land managers, communities and response agencies to collaboratively address wildland fire issues across all landscapes in the US. Alison monitors wildland fire issues for public agencies in a 5 county area in Central Oregon. The 19 member steering committee addresses wildfire response, prescribed fire, professional training standards, fire adapted communities, and health effects of smoke. A free public training course for home risk assessment will be available at COCC in September. Public tours during prescribed burns will be announced.

Alison coordinates with Jodie Barram on shared activities between the Cohesive Strategy in Central Oregon and Project Wildfire as illustrated in this diagram. Jodie provides assistance to communities to qualify for Firewise certification. She performs home wildfire risk assessments and is committed through October. Communities interested in Fall roadside chipping project should designate a coordinator and contact Jodie to arrange a schedule. Jodie is working with James Lewis to identify county lots needing fuels treatment. A permit for fuels treatment in a wetland area costs $2,500. Jodie will investigate alternatives to reduce the cost. Slash piles from fuels treatments on federal land will be burned in the Winter. Fuels treatments across public/private boundaries may be possible in the future through the “Good Neighbor Authority” and NRCS funding.

Jim Cooper reported a large thinning project across forest service and private boundaries was completed in Northern Idaho. A large State owned parcel bordering his property on Huntington Road needs fuels treatment. Boone Zimmerly from ODF would be a contact. Carl Jansen is concerned about wildfire risk from a large ranch bordering Huntington Road in La Pine. The property owner has been contacted by La Pine Fire Chief Supkis and Boone Zimmerley.

The next UDRC meeting on August 15 will feature guest speakers from Oregon Department of Transportation and Deschutes National Forest trails planning.