UDRC December 17, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Jerry Hubbard, Kent Elliot, Dean Richardson, Jim Larsen

Jerry: Asked current officers if they will continue serving 2021. Confirmed officers and board members for 2021: Jerry Hubbard, President; Dean Richardson, Vice President; Jim Larsen, Secretary; Carl Jansen, Treasurer; Kent Elliot, board member. Will ask Mary Condi if she wants to continue as a board member.

Jim: Defensible Space Reimbursement program: 91 applications were approved this year. 36 invoices were received and payments processed. Will contact 55 remaining applicants in January to confirm extending their applications for 2021. We received a surge of applications after the Labor Day fires in Oregon. In 2019 we approved 50 applications.

Proposed changes to Reimbursement program: Outline procedure steps to insure that applications are submitted before fuels reduction work is started. Applications for hazard tree removal only will not be accepted. Board approved these changes. No changes are needed for the Senior/Disabled program.

Glenna Larsen volunteered as temporary bookkeeper and will assume responsibilities from Susan Peterson. Glenna will contact Susan for orientation and training.

Dean: Will help with Defensible Space Reimbursement program documentation update. The program coverage area needs to be clarified. Have been participating in Project Wildfire online meetings.

Jerry: Working on Reimbursement program grant proposals for BNSF and Ford Foundation. We have $41,245 remaining allocated from the MCM grant. Carl asked about grant funds for fuels reduction work on a 2.7 acre DRRH 1-5 common property at Spring River Road and Lunar Drive. DRRH 1-5 does not have a home owners association. Will contact a road district representative to discuss potential sources for funding. Kent: This property is a high visibility location vulnerable for wildfire. Jim: ODF or NRCS cost share funds may be available.