UDRC September 19, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Dean Richardson introduced guest speakers Chris Doty, Deschutes County Roads Manager, and James Lewis, Deschutes County Properties Manager.

The County Roads Department is responsible for maintenance, operations, and project development of County roads. The County road system includes 700 miles of paved roads, 200 miles of unpaved roads, and 58 bridges. There are 383 miles of local access roads with 121 miles within road districts. A community can form a road district to collect taxes to maintain roads.

The goal is to maintain roads at 80% pavement condition index. Periodic road maintenance involves chip seal every 7 years. When roads deteriorate, asphalt overlay Is required. Roads in poor condition require reconstruction. New projects are listed in the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan and 20-year Transportation System Plan.

Recent projects completed in the Three Rivers area were Huntington Road chip seal, safety reflectors and rumble strips on South Century Drive, and Harper Bridge designated parking areas. Speed bumps were removed from Spring River Road to obtain right of way from Crosswater subdivision. New projects planned in the UDRC area are South Century Drive overlay and Solar Drive Bridge rehabilitation (2020), Harper bridge rehabilitation (2023), roundabouts at Spring River Road/South Century and South Century/Huntington Road,  South Century Drive railroad bridge replacement (2026 – 2027), and Foster Road paving (2028 – 2029). 

Discussion: Flashing stop sign at Vandevert Road and South Century drive intersection is effective. Rumble strips on South Century Drive make noise to residents 1000 feet away. During busy weekends vehicles are intentionally driving on them. Speed radar signs are appreciated. One way route proposal on Venture Lane in the Sunriver Business Park was abandoned due objections from businesses. South Century Drive traffic volume is increasing rapidly. Consider 3-way stops signs at the South Century Drive/Huntington Road intersection to improve safety until roundabout is constructed. Visibility at Spring River/South Century Drive intersection is impaired. The Forest Service is responsible for maintenance of 40 Road. Vegetation is mowed 10 feet beyond fog lines.

James Lewis has been Deschutes County Properties Manager for the last 5 years. The Property Management department manages bare land, buildings, asset properties, and tax foreclosed properties. There are 85 foreclosed properties in the County inventory. After property taxes have not been paid for 3 years, there is a 2 year grace period before the property is foreclosed and the County takes ownership. 27 properties were sold at auction last year. Many foreclosed properties in South Deschutes County are not developable due to high ground water. Structures on foreclosed properties are cleaned out and secured before the auction. Receipts from the sale are used to pay back taxes to the taxing districts.

Auctions are conducted every May at the County Services office. Visit the Foreclosure Auction webpage for details. Neighbors are notified when a property is available at auction. The minimum bid price is set at 80% of a broker’s opinion valuation. A buyer may finance the purchase over $20,000 through the County with 20% down with 80% financed over 10 years. If a property is not sold at auction, a buyer may purchase it at the minimum bid price. For properties that need wildfire fuels treatment, work must be completed within one year before title is transferred to the buyer.

A fuels reduction project on County owned properties in the DRRH 6 community has started using FEMA grant funds. A landowner with property in a wetland may apply for a fuels reduction permit through Will Groves at a reasonable cost. James can arrange cleanup of illegal dump sites on County property.

The next UDRC meeting will be held on October 17, 3:00 – 4:30 PM at the Sunriver Area Library, Alex Robertson, Forest Service Fire and Aviation Staff Officer, will give a presentation on Agency Coordinated Wildfire Response.

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