May 6, 2022 UDRC Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM


    •    Jim Larsen: President
    •    Dean Richardson: Vice President
    •    Helen Marston: Board member
    •    Carol Brennan: Secretary (via speaker phone)
    •    Glenna Larsen: Treasurer

A quorum was established.

Evaluation of the first public meeting: 

    •    The meeting had a good showing: 26 people signed up and 10 new email subscribers were added to the list. Speakers seemed happy with their opportunity to communicate their message.  There was concern expressed that 3 speakers were too many, but the consensus was that the first meeting of the year should present multiple voices -perhaps a panel discussion.  It was decided that the first public meeting of the year would emphasize Defensible Space, Fuels reduction and mitigation of Wildfire risk.  It was suggested that for the next meeting we schedule time in the room to allow folks to participate in further discussions and questions or socializing after the scheduled formal meeting time.  There is no limit from the library on how long the room is available if it has been scheduled in advance.  

    •    Concern on how big future meetings might get, the size of the venue required, and online reservation system.

Ways to pass the information from public meetings to a broader audience:

    •    Public Meeting Minutes or a synopsis of the information from the meeting distributed to our email list

    •    Public Meeting Minutes or a synopsis posted on the Website (Facebook?)

    •    Suggestion that we attempt a Zoom meeting; Record the meeting for posting on the website.  Jim will feature Project Wildfire monthly minutes and recordings on the website.
Next meetings – for 2022 and first meeting of 2023:

    •    Insurance briefing:  The hot topic questions at the end of the meeting concerned Home Insurance and the impacts of increased wildfire risk will have on the area’s homeowner’s insurability.  Finding a speaker will be problematic since candidates are all trying to get up to speed on what the State is doing; what impacts Senate Bill (SB)762 will have; and what the Insurance companies will do.  Carol stated the need to start with a more comprehensive overview of the problem.  Carol agreed to contact the State Insurance Office to see if there was a resource available to explain the State’s policies, what is happening within the industry, etc.

    •    Schedule, impacts, and processes implementing Senate Bill (SB)762:  WUI definition due soon.  Mapping and risk assessment will be at the lot level and over the entire state. Will probably need multiple meetings on the General subject of SB762 involving the risk assessment process and the Fire Marshall’s code. Jim will monitor the progress of SB762 implementation.

    •    Contingency speaker if unable to arrange speakers on Insurance or SB762:  Dean will contact Kate Fitzpatrick to see if she would be able to give her presentation on the Deschutes Basin River watershed issues and the tools being used to address the issues.

    •    Timing:   Suggested:   Late July, Aug-Sept, Oct-Nov , Early in 2023 (Feb?).  The first meeting of 2023 will emphasize wildfire risk, fuels reduction and mitigation. The timing for meetings will have to depend upon the schedule of the 762 implementations (before homeowners get their risk assessment and after their risk assessment from the State?  When the Fire Marshall? has information about code changes?

    •    The Fire Marshall is offering Training in Home Hardening over June 3rd & 4th – Jim Larsen, Carol Brennan, Helen Marston, and Dean Richardson are all enrolled.

Jim announced that the Defensible Space Reimbursement Program will be closing for 2022 applications within the next weeks.  There are only 5 slots left unallocated for applicants. The program will open in 2023 when sufficient funding becomes available.

Carol will start researching potential grant opportunities.  Carol, Jim, and Dean will have a working session to develop a template for Grant applications.

Strategic Plan:    The Board voted unanimously to adopt the Strategic Plan for the next 3 years with minor edits.  The plan will be reviewed at the end of each year to ascertain the goals/tasks for the next year.

After much discussion about the goals of our two programs and the reality of reduced funding, increased demand, and our goal to help as many property owners as possible; the Board voted the following 2 resolutions:

    •    The Low Income, Senior or Disabled Assistance Program will be limited to one completed application per homeowner.

    •    Because of limited funding and the UDRC’s goal to assist as many property owners as possible, the Defensible Space Fuels Reduction Reimbursement Program will be limited to one reimbursement paid per ownership starting from January 1, 2022.  

The Board voted the following 2 Financial resolutions:

    •    The CD account at First Interstate Bank will be closed by the end of May, and the funds will be transferred to the First Interstate Checking account.

    •    The UDRC will maintain a formal 1 (one) year Insurance Reserve account.  The yearly Insurance bill will be paid out of available unreserved funds. The Insurance Reserve will be used only if unreserved funds are not adequate.

Glenna will schedule a working Session on the Budget with the officers.

Meeting adjourned:1:00 pm

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