UDRC December 20, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Dean Richardson, Carol Brennan, Carl Jansen, Anne Pierson, Jim Larsen, Glenna Larsen

Board actions:

  • Board approved termination of the May 18, 2016 Bizwriterusa Contract for Grant Management Services. UDRC staff will assume responsibility for grant management. Carol will send a letter of contract termination.
  • Board reviewed the $90,000 MCM grant award letter and the Bizwriterusa Contract management fee. Board approved the fee percentage for the total grant award applies and will be paid annually when grant funds are received. Carol will send a letter documenting the fee payment.
  • Board approved requiring signatures of two officers on check requests over $1000.
  • Board approved: Board members may not approve a check request for payment to themself or family members. Board members may not sign checks paid to themself or a family members.
  • Board approved adding Helen Marston as a new Board member.
  • Board elected Jim Larsen as UDRC President for 2022.

Carol: Will research templates for professional grant services contracts. Update bylaws to allow 3 – 9 board members.

Glenna: Will be responsible for collecting all mail from the UDRC PO box. It will not be used as a dropbox. Carl has the spare PO box key.

Anne: An orientation packet for new UDRC Board members would be useful.

Jim: Will schedule the next Board meeting for the third week in January, 2022. Agenda will be Bylaws update, UDRC organization changes, and subjects for quarterly public meetings. Send me your ideas for discussion. Purchased Tracfone and 60 minute card for UDRC use. The phone number is 541-556-0317.

Jim Larsen
UDRC Secretary