UDRC January 21, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Jerry Hubbard, Dean Richardson, Carol Brennan, Jim Larsen, Glenna Larsen, Carl Jansen, Helen Marston. Guests: Lorelei Mariana, Chris Mcleod.

Lorelei is Firewise captain for DRRH 6 community and Chris is Firewise president for River Forest Acres community. Lorelei and Chris have applied for Oregon SB 762 Firewise Community Grants. 

Carl presented a plaque to former UDRC President Jerry Hubbard recognizing his years of service, grant acquisition and management. Jerry will be moving to McMinnville in February. He continues to support the La Pine Rural Fire District by recently acquiring a $280,000 grant for equipment. Jerry is working with Senator Merkley for funding additional La Pine Fire paramedics.

Dean: Some insurance companies are conducting property inspections for defensible space. A County regulation requiring defensible space for property sale or construction is under consideration.

Glenna: Worked with Carol, Dean, and Jim to remove UDRC files from the Sunriver Chamber office. Working on UDRC tax filing. Reviewed the UDRC financials balance sheet and grant summary.

Carol: Proposed a UDRC records retention policy. Will distribute a draft markup amending the UDRC Bylaws for comments and approval at the next Board meeting.

Board actions: The Board approved the records retention policy. The Board approved the process for amending the UDRC Bylaws.

Jim: Mailed SB 762 Small Forestland Grants information to 56 UDRC area landowners with 5 to 468 acre properties. Proposals were due on Jan. 21. In 2021 the UDRC Defensible Space program reimbursed $61,590 to 85 UDRC area and 37 La Pine applicants. 48 applicants did not complete work and may reapply for 2022. Approved 8 new applicants since Jan. 15.

Carl: Have UDRC files and literature in storage. Will resign from the Board and continue as an advisor. The Bend Bulletin published an article about the new Forest Service strategy “Confronting the Wildfire Crisis”.

Jim Larsen
UDRC President

December 2021 Financials Summary

December 2021 Grant Summary