UDRC February 17, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Dean Richardson, Carol Brennan, Helen Marston, Jim Larsen, Glenna Larsen  

Carol: Will use historical UDRC strategic plans as a template for a new strategic plan. Reviewed proposed changes to the UDRC Bylaws. Officers and Board members will be elected at the last Board meeting of the year effective January 1 the following year.

  • Board members shall be residents of La Pine Rural Fire Protection District
  • Board shall have 3 to 9 members
  • Conflict of Interest and Committees sections conforms with Oregon non-profit statutes
  • Removed Leadership Team section

Board Actions: Approved proposed changes to Bylaws.  

Jim: Carl Jensen has officially resigned as a Board member and will continue as an advisor. Defensible Space Reimbursement program funds are fully allocated from First Interstate and BNSF grants. 30 openings remain from the MCM grant. Expect to receive $30,000 from the MCM 3-year grant in April. New board member orientation package could include brochures, flyers, and website guide. Website wildfire risk maps are outdated. Will replace with La Pine Fire structure survey or Oregon Explorer maps.

Glenna: Documented process for reimbursement check processing. Set up Google Drive archive for financials and Board documents. Will get estimates for future bookkeeper expense. Defensible Space Program funding is adequate for 2022. Will need new grant funds next year. Unrestricted donations will be used to fund operating expenses.  

Dean: The Executive Coordinator of Fire Safe Marin in California gave a presentation at Project Wildfire meeting. They have an extensive fuels reduction and home maintenance program. Completed two low-income senior assessments. Will train Board members on the assessment process. Will get information about County chipping program. Thanks to Carl for his service as UDRC President and Board member.  

Public meetings topics: Schedule 3 meetings this year.

  • Project Wildfire home ember hardening workshop
  • Insurance company property surveys
  • Senate Bill 762 fuels reduction grants and regulations
  • River flows and wildlife issues

Jim Larsen UDRC President

January 2022 Statement of Activities
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