UDRC November 23, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Helen Marston, Anne Pierson, Carol Brennan, Jerry Hubbard, Dean Richardson, Carl Jansen, Jim Larsen, Glenna Larsen

Carl: Introduced guest Helen Marston. Helen lives on Huntington Road South of State Rec. Road. She is a realtor and active in the La Pine Chamber of Commerce. She is interested in outreach for the UDRC Senior Defensible Space program and becoming a UDRC Board member.

Jim: Need alternative locations for UDRC records storage. Will manage grant records and reporting beginning Jan. 1. Will purchase a Tracphone for the UDRC contact phone number and rotate among board members. Will contact Council on Aging about updating the Senior program income limits. Will schedule a Board meeting during week the of Dec. 20. Will distribute UDRC Bylaws for update in 2022. Will send Oregon SB 762 grants opportunities to Firewise communities. Will send reminder notices on Dec. 1 to Defensible Space Reimbursement applicants to submit paid invoices before Dec. 31 or reapply in 2022.

Carl: Available to collect reimbursement checks from the PO Box, sign checks and mail them to applicants. Would like board members to discuss UDRC programs for La Pine radio station broadcast. USFS and BLM land in the La Pine Day Road corridor need fuels treatment projects.

Dean: Boone Zimmerley offered to contact potential UDRC Board members. 33 Firewise communities have received Deschutes County fuels reduction grants this year.

Carol: Will meet with Glenna to review UDRC bookkeeping process. Interested in becoming UDRC treasurer.

Board actions: Board approved Carol Brennan as UDRC Treasurer. Board approved online access to First Interstate checking account for Glenna Larsen.

Jerry: MCM fund approved a 3-year $90,000 grant to fund the UDRC Defensible Space Reimbursement program. Will continue to manage grants through Dec. 31. “Informed Delivery” application is available from USPS. This would reduce the need to monitor the UDRC PO box daily.

Glenna: Presented the Grant Summary Report with data thru November 22.  Approximately $1,500 of donations is left in the old MCM Matching Grant. Jerry recommended that we “close” the old grant and create a new category for “donated reimbursement grant funds” and transfer unused funds from the old MCM Matching Grant. Carol urged that we record this change in a way to show that that the rules of original grant were enforced. Glenna will set up the necessary accounts in Quickbooks, redesign the Grant Summary Report for January 2022, and fund the donated reimbursement grant on Jan 1, 2022. Glenna would like to have a discussion early in 2022 as which Financial Reports would be most useful.

Carol urged that any change to funding classification keep the character of such funds intact and ensure that such funds are used for the original grant purpose and are used to benefit the intended grant beneficiaries.

Jim Larsen
Upper Deschutes River Communities

November 2021 Financial Summary

November 2021 Grant Summary