USFS Ongoing and Planned Projects

Dean Richardson and Jim Larsen met with Jeff Crawford, Deschutes National Forest fuels technician, to discuss the following topics:

  • Forest Lane access to River Forest Acres maintenance thinning and mowing
  • 40 acre parcel within Oregon Water Wonderland Unit II maintenance thinning and mowing
  • Fall River Drive access to Fall River Estates thinning and mowing
  • Ongoing and planned projects in the UDRC WUI area
Brush and small trees will be mowed along Forest Lane as maintenance under the Myst fuels reduction project this Fall. Fall River Drive thinning and mowing will be done in Spring 2022 under the Junction project. Fuels reduction on the OWW 2 40 acre parcel will require a new project proposal scheduled to begin in 2022. The Twin Restoration Project area is 40,000 acres covering the Twin Lakes, Wickiup Reservoir, and Crane Prairie Areas. The project decision is expected in Feb. 2022. The Klone Vegetation Management Project area is 35,000 acres including 10,500 acres within the Eastern portion of the UDRC CWPP area. The project decision is expected in Jan. 2022.