UDRC September 2, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Attended by: Carl Jansen, Kent Elliot, Anne Pierson, Tammie Waters, Dean Richardson, Jerry Hubbard, Christian Paul

Chris Paul, Office of the State Fire Marshall discussed:
  • SB752 replaces SB360. State is working on a new definition of WUI; will create a new WUI map. Est. 2022. Working on Community Risk Reduction program; Fire Adapted Oregon; Home harding, developing grant programs Fall or Spring 2022.
  • The Group discussed how to reach low income and seniors in South Deschutes County.
  • Contact Midstate electric regarding bill inserts re UDRC fuels grants
  • Jerry to send Chris a draft grant proposal for review by the State’s procurement department.
  • Deschutes County Veterans office – possible contact for grant programs
Ford Family Foundation board voted to include Wagon Trail Ranch HOA in the FFF grant.
Carl discussed the project wildfire and the $2000 county grant.
Leadership – Jerry informed the group he has sold his home and will probably be moving in Nov. 21.  Board discussed replacement. Board to reach out to friends for replacement. Carl volunteered to vet candidates. Will send letters to communities and HOA’s regarding openings on the board.
Submitted by Jerry Hubbard, UDRC President