UDRC October 28, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Jerry Hubbard, Dean Richardson, Carl Jansen, Jim Larsen, Kent Elliot, Carol Brennan, Mike Thorne, Alex Bokish, Glenna Larsen
Guests: Carol Brennan lives in OWW 2 and interested in serving as a Board member. She is a retired attorney with insurance companies and Alaska tribal counsel. Carol is interested in forestry, community education, and outreach. Mike Thorne is a retired fire department lieutenant and road district representative from Spring River. Alex Bokish is a logging and fuels reduction contractor living in DRRH 1-5.
Jerry: The UDRC has funded $875,000 in South Deschutes County fuels reduction projects since 2004. Jerry expects to receive notification from the MCM fund in November about a 3-year, $90,000 fuels reduction grant application. BNSF has awarded a $10,000 fuels reduction grant for South County properties within 2 miles of the railroad line. Jerry will be moving to McMinnville Jan. 15 – 31. Will document grant reporting requirements.
Carl: Spring River community completed a roadside fuels reduction project using a $2,000 Deschutes County grant and $3,000 road district funds. Spring River Firewise documents were updated. The 40-acre USFS parcel within OWW 2 community urgently needs fuels reduction.
Dean: River Forest Acres qualified for Firewise recognition. Need to discuss UDRC organizational structure for 2022 at the next Board meeting. Will contact Boone Zimmerlee about ODF collaboration with USFS for WUI fuels reduction projects.
Jim: The Sunriver Library meeting room is available for online reservations. Current COVID precautions are required. Will research the Oregon Senate Bill 762 Small Forestland Grant Program. Michelle King is the acting Deschutes National Forest District Ranger. The Defensible Space Reimbursement Program will remain closed for new applications until Jan. 1, 2022. Funds have been reserved for 86 applicants. Will notify applicants on Dec. 15 who have not submitted invoices to reapply in 2022. Oregon Department of Forestry is collaborating with Deschutes National Forest to plan and implement the 42 Road Wildfire Resilience Project.
Glenna: Will transition UDRC administration process beginning Jan. 1, 2022. Federal and State documents signatures and UDRC phone number will be updated. Would like assistance reviewing tax forms.
Board Discussion: Carol will solicit comments from OWW 2 residents supporting USFS 40-acre parcel fuels reduction project. UDRC Board will compose letter to th District Ranger including resident comments.
Board Action: Carol Brennan was approved as a UDRC Board member.

Submitted by Jim Larsen, UDRC Secretary

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